Finding SolutionsTM is a South African based company established in 2014 by Industrial Psychologist, Carla Pretorius, who is the
owner and managing director. We partner with expert associates where everyone brings a unique combination of competencies and
value added services that will empower you and your organisation.

"Our operating MISSION answers YES to these questions"

  • Will you as a client be met where you're at?
  • Will we build a trusted relationship with you?
  • Do we have a unique blend of competencies to deliver our protocols, products and services?
  • Will we empower our clients, associates and the broader community to achieve sustainable success?

Our VISION is that our practical solutions will enable you and your organisation to act as the flywheel for sustainable high performance organisational and individual growth for optimum results!


At Finding Solutions, we use our expertise to
identify and empower YOU to find your own solutions by connecting the 3 I's.


Finding Solutions offers a variety of services that
are customised according to your need - we do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach.


Our dream is that people, teams and organisations, no matter where they are in the world, use the solutions they found and pay it forward to others!


Optimise individual and
team performance



What happens if you develop your people and they leave? What happens if you don't and they stay?

We make use of well-known, researched and established tools and techniques at Finding Solutions that will take your company to the next level.

We focus on

  • professional coaching
  • career development
  • couples coaching
  • team coaching
  • executive/leadership coaching and development
  • team dynamic and team building sessions

Our Leadership/Management programmes are aimed at empowering senior leaders and managers who need to increase their impact in your organisation and advance their careers. This capacity building is shaped around understanding oneself before understanding others. Being an influential leader is one of the pillars covered. Dedicated learning is embedded in leaders through rigorous engagement over a period of 18 months. Various tools, methods and assessments are used to empower leaders to become those leaders they were meant to be!

Our team dynamic - and team building sessions are not just once-off feel-good sessions. We build sustainable top performing teams by making use of proven tools, team dynamic assessments and methodologies that are practical to implement.

A new addition to our services at Finding Solutions, is to offer a YOUTH empowerment programme designed to take our children and leaders of tomorrow to new heights over a period of 6-9 months. This programme takes them on a personal journey of transition that helps them think, feel and behave with a GROWTH-MINDSET on their way towards being the leaders they can become. This programme enables them to be ready for the next big step they have to take after Grade 7 and Grade 12.

Make better talent



We understand the exponential value talented individuals can add to your organisation's bottom line. We understand the need not only to identify top talent, but also to attract, motivate, retain and develop productive and engaged talent, in order to maximise their impact in your organisation. Our comprehensive approach in addressing top talent, comprises of:

  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Managing and developing your talent
  • Talent mapping and succession planning

Analyse and enhance
organisational capability



Perhaps you would agree: So often companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on developing business strategies to survive in a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, but very few spend anywhere near enough time on the one element that can make or break the strategy: the people element. Why? The reluctance to do this is due to the lead time before results can be seen or measured.

We not only facilitate strategic sessions but also build a unique solution by combining our intellectual property with renowned diagnostic tools and techniques to enhance the capability and employee engagement of your organisation on different levels over a period. The results being yielded are exceptional as the process truly integrates individual performance with team performance and organisational culture. The solution can be delivered in partnership with the internal Human Capital practitioners who, by agreement, can be trained and licensed as facilitators.




Two very important factors that can either enhance or break down relationships are Trust and Safety. The biggest mistake we can make is to THINK there is trust and safety between individuals, leaders and couples if we do not even know the real meaning of them. We facilitate and empower you to have honest conversations about what inhibits aligned and collaborative relationships.

Improve employee and
organisational efficiency



In association with a very successful company we support our clients in the development and execution of their strategies. The proven methodology and approach enable our clients to identify key levers to the execution and pragmatic approach in the planning and implementation of these strategies. Our solutions include:

  • Strategy formulation & development
  • Cascading strategy
  • Operating model design
  • Organisational design
  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Role Profiling
  • Performance management

Deal with change and



The ability for you and your organisation to enable change and transition is a critical success factor to survive in today's VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world. We have developed a proven and pragmatic approach to support you and your key stakeholders in the business to plan and embed the transition.

Have you ever heard the phrase... "culture eats strategy for breakfast"? Culture requires sufficient time to grasp, but once embedded, it can be very difficult to shift. You have a risk, and the risk is that if you do not understand your company's cultural dynamics, leaders can fall into the trap of attempting to use the same techniques trying to shift the culture with no success. We understand that cultural shifts cannot just happen in a single event, but should rather be carefully crafted and managed by well-planned transition journeys. Our interventions are deliberate processes designed to help you growing a strong and effective culture that will drive your business forward.


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Finding Solutions partners with leading associates to find solutions that are relevant to you and your organisation in today's current environment.

Finding Solutions has the following unique qualities:

  • Strong local footprint in South Africa.
  • Research and results-driven.
  • More than a decade of experience in the fields of facilitating, consulting and designing of programmes.
  • Focus on small businesses which enables us to build personal and unique relationships.
  • Focus on empowering individuals, teams and organisations by becoming independent.

Carla Pretorius

Carla is a public speaker, registered Independent Industrial Psychologist with over fifteen (15) years' distinguished experience in organisational effectiveness & development. She is a mental-toughness coach and also an Arbinger Affiliate in South Africa.

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